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Kenya, a country of scenic beauty, lies on the eastern coastline of Africa covering an area of 600,000 square Kilometers. The Indian Ocean borders it on the east, providing a welcoming beach-front and whispering palm trees. Tanzania is on the south; Uganda on the west; Ethiopia shoulders it on the north; with Somalia lying on the northeast. L. Victoria, the second largest lake in the world is found on the extreme west, also shared by Uganda and Tanzania. The Equator cuts through the country from east to west thus allowing almost equal hours of day and night, while the Great Rift Valley running north to south gives it its varied terrain of mountains, hills, ranges, escarpment and rolling plains, interspersed with rivers, lakes, streams and cascading falls.

Sea Kayaking Hinchinbrook Island, Australia

Hinchinbrook Island, Goold Island and the Family Islands are continental islands located off the wet tropical coast between Ingham and Tully, in North Queensland. Hinchinbrook’s 39,000 hectares make it Australia’s largest island National Park. With its granite peaks rising 3747 ft. directly out of the sea, it is a magnificent backdrop for sea kayaking. Waterfalls, […]

Biking Vienna to Prague Self-guided

Start out in the elegant city of Vienna and allow yourself enough time to take in the many sites of interest in this beautiful Austrian capital. Cross the border from Austria into The Czech Republic to discover the unusual combination of neatly harvested vineyards, beautiful lakes, spectacular limestone cliffs and picturesque Bohemian villages. Duration: 8 […]

Sicily and the Aeolian Islands

Sicily represents the crossroads of many cultures: Greek Arab and Phoenicians are just some of the peoples that have claimed her for their own. Sicily’s rich cultural history is matched only by her natural beauty. Silver olive groves and orange orchards are broken up by jagged cliffs, cut into the land by the world’s most famous volcanoes: […]