With the entire world in lockdown for the majority of 2020, people are aching to travel. Restrictions lifting a vaccine and high demand are just some of the predictions for 2021 tourism. What will 2021 tourism look like?

In most countries of the world, tourism is going to boom. Mass tourists, business tourists and seasonal tourists have stayed home all year. This could create a tourism boom globally as the money and desire of common tourists greatly increases. Many tourists, however, may remain scared of the constantly changing tourism world.

Global tourism bodies have their work cut out for them. To restore confidence among the average tourism may be hard. GTEF is one such body that is aiming to restore tourist confidence. GTEF has announced that their new edition of GTEF will “lead a confluence of online and offline engagement for the first time, leveraging innovative technology to unite tourism elites around the world for an exchange of insightful perspectives to unveil a new landscape for the tourism economy.

The organizer of the Global Tourism Economy Forum, the Secretariat for Economy and Finance, announced officially via video conferencing yesterday that the 9th GTEF will be held on 9 December 2020. Chief of Office of the Secretary for Economy and Finance, Ku Mei Leng, and Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of GTEF, Pansy Ho, presented an overview and event program of GTEF 2020.”

Many other tourism bodies such as the World Tourism Organization are also aiming for similar results. One main focus for The World Tourism Organization is Asia tourism trends. “The publication not only analyzes the latest tourism trends and outlook in Asia-Pacific, but also unveils how countries in Asia have adopted various measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and stimulate economic recovery, including a special case study on Macao. The report also highlights the significance of tourism and community development and points to the potential of rural tourism.”