This unique expedition will lead us through the world of the table mountains. We start in Ciudad Bolívar and fly in small chartered planes to the picturesque Indian village of Kavac which is located right in front of the precipitous slopes of the Auyan Tepui. We will move on to Kamarata at the Río Akanan, the starting point for our trip. For nine beautiful days we will paddle far from any civilization and will have always have a view of the imposing Auyan Tepui. The trip will offer overwhelming impressions and gorgeous landscapes and end in Canaima.

Day 1 Flight from Ciudad Bolívar to Kavac. Excursion to the Kavac canyon. Hammocks. (/L/D)

We fly from Ciudad Bolívar to Kavac, and in case of good weather we will have an impressive flight over the Gran Sabana and the table mountains. The definite highlight is the flight over the Angel Falls (weather permitting) which drops down more then 3,200 ft. from the Auyan Tepui. We land in the Indian village of Kavac. We will spend the night in this community whose circular houses are beautifully located in front of the dark and imposing walls of the Auyan Tepui. In the afternoon, we will take a hike to the Kavac canyon. We will have to swim for the last bit in order to reach a waterfall that drops down into a gorge with enormous noise.

Day 2 Transfer from Kavac to Kamarata. Begin of the paddle trip on the Río Akanan. Tents. (B/L/D)

After breakfast in Kavak we load the boats and equipment on our all-terrain vehicles and leave for Kamarata. It is a six-mile trip on a dusty road, and from Kamarata we move on for another mile to the Río Akanan. We inflate our boats, load them and start our trip. Our luggage and food will be stowed away in waterproof barrels and bags. We will paddle for about 4 ½ hours, before we arrive at our first camping ground. We set up our tents and spend a peaceful evening.

Day 3 Paddling on the Río Akanan. Tents. (B/L/D)

We will paddle for about 6 ½ hours, breaks included. We will make a stop at the rapids of Chun Meru and will have to carry our boats around the rapids, if the water is too low. In the late afternoon we reach our next camping site which offers a nice view on the Amaruay Tepuy and the open savanna.

Day 4 Paddling on the Río Akanan up to the mouth of the Carrao. Tents. (B/L/D)

As usual, we leave early in the morning. During the trip we can enjoy the beautiful panaroma with the two tepuis Amaruay and Auyan. We have a break at Iwana Meru and at the Camp Carrao at the right shore of the Akanan. Again, we will have to go around some rapids. After a while, we reach the runway Carrao where we can go ashore for some time. We have the chance to take a walk to the wreck of a DC 3 which crashed here some years ago and has not yet been removed. We continue on the Río Akanan until we reach the junction with the Río Carrao after a total travelling time of about 8 hours.

Day 5 Paddling on the Río Carrao. Tents. (B/L/D)

We will be travelling for about 7 ½ hours, and again we have to cross rapids: the Garganta del Diábolo. The day’s final destination is the camp at Kuai Meru which is quite comfortable, because it has been constructed for the tours to the Angel Falls from Kamarata in motorboats. The camp is beautifully located and offers fantastic views of the Kuai Meru and the Auyan-Tepui.

Day 6 Paddling on the Río Akanan up to the camp Arenal. Tents. (B/L/D)

This day’s tour has a length of about 8 hours, until we reach the camp Arenal. The camp features two churuatas, simple indian constructions with a thatched roof, tables and benches. It also provides a good view on the Western spike of the Wei Tepui.

Day 7 Paddling to the Isla Orquídea. Tents. (B/L/D)

It will take us about 3 ½ hours to reach the Isla Orquídea, passing the juncture of the Río Churun. We set up our tents on the sandy beach of the island. There also is an abandoned camp, which is usually not used anymore. In the afternoon, we will have the opportunity to explore the island.

Day 8 Paddling from the Isla Orquídea to the rapids of Mayupa. Tents. (B/L/D)

This day will offer a tour of about 7 ½ hours, and we will leave behind the Auyan-Tepui. After the rapids of Mayupa, the river turns into a large lake. At its shores we will look for a good spot to spend the night.

Day 9 Paddling from the rapids of Mayapa to Canaima. Double room/private bath (B/L/-)

After a little more than an hour we reach Canaima, the final destination of our trip. We fasten our boats at the camp belonging to Jungle-Rudi which is located above the Hacha waterfalls. We will spend the rest of the day relaxing and reflecting our impressions of the tour.

Day 10 Transfer to the airport and flight to Ciudad Bolívar. (B/-/-)

This is the day to say good-bye to the table mountains. We drive into Canaima village after breakfast and will have the opportunity to buy local handicraft. Afterwards we take our plane to Ciudad Bolívar.
The tour can be booked any time during the year with a minimum of 2 people.


  • Flights as indicated
  • Accommodation as indicated
  • Equipment: inflatable boats (types Indio or Canyon manufactured by Metzler), tents, camping equipment, life vests
  • Meals as indicated with a planned menu for the days on the river

Does not include

  • National Park fee Canaima
  • Personal expenses and tips


  • The tour described above is the ideal route and might be changed due to the rafting abilities and weather conditions.